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AirQ’be Inflatable Tent

When you need something easy to put up at your next hospitality, tradeshow, or event, the AirQ’be can be put up individually or connected together.

The AirQ’be is an inflatable tent and durable due to the choice of materials. The basic unit is made of drop stitch, B1 coated and available in carbon black or light grey. The adhesive satin polyester covers makes the AirQ’be easy brandable. A widely applicable product and immediately ready for use thanks to the quick installation!

Dimensions (outside)




Height opening

Top Quality

The AirQ’be excels with its unique aesthetics, high quality standards and exceptional stability. It is UV resistant, waterproof, flame retardant and wind resistant.


The AirQ’be – as flexible as the air itself: multifunctional use, modularly expandable, perfectly designed for quick changes of location.

Fast and easy installation

Easy to transport – fast set up: Unpack, spread out, inflate – done. The AirQ’be can be set up by one person in 10 minutes. Fits neatly in any car trunk.


Expand your visibility and connect multiple AirQ’be’s

Step 1

Roll it out

Step 2

Fold it open with the legs facing upward

Step 3

Inflate the ceiling and turn it upside down

Step 4

Inflate legs and help it up

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