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Fatboy Junior Stonewashed



The iconic beanbag but for kids. Ultra comfortable, especially designed for the most important people in the world. With the Junior beanbag kids can discover the Fatboy Lounge experience. This children’s beanbag offers infinite ways to lounge, play, game or sleep.


The Fatboy Junior is solid because children tend to push furniture to the limit. So as a parent no worries about keeping this children beanbag in shape.

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  • Uniquely designed with children in mind.
  • High-quality fabric and filling for long-lasting use.
  • The Junior Beanbag is designed for indoor use.
  • Junior Stonewashed: 100% luxury cotton.Water- and dirt repellent.
  • Stonewashed: Machine washable cover.
  • 130 x 100 cm.
  • 3 kg.

Do not place this product in, on, against, or near a heat source such as heating, a glass facade (window or sliding door) or a wall that is heated by the sun. Doing so may cause damage to the surface on which the product is placed. Additionally, the fabric of the product may become damaged and become bumpy and uneven.

For daily cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth and a little soap if desired. Stonewashed Outer bag machine washable at 30°C. Wash inside out. DO NOT machine wash the Nylon outer bag. Intensive use may cause the filling to shrink over time. Refill your bag entirely (350 Litres) or top it up (100 Litres)

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