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Netorious Outdoor Lounger Cover


Netorious Cover protects your Netorious from weather, wind, bird droppings, and anything else it doesn’t need. With this cover made from recycled PET bottles, your lounge chair stays beautiful even longer. Netorious Cover is UV resistant and waterproof, so you can leave your Netorious in your garden all year round. And when you’re not using the lounge chair cover, you can store it in its own storage bag.

  • 100% Recycled polyester.
  • Water and dirt repellent PVC coating.
  • UV-resistant.
  • Lightweight.
  • Dimension: 189,5 x 160 cm.
  • Weight: 0,89 kg.
  • Packaging: 45,3 x 25,3 x 7,6 cm.
  • Product + packaging: 1,09 kg.

The cover is not reversible. The glossy side must always face inwards, towards the furniture. Make sure the furniture is dry. After putting the cover over the furniture tighten straps to ensure that the cover stays firmly in place regardless of weather conditions. Store your outdoor furniture in a dry place during the off-season. After a rain or snowfall, wipe off excess water or snow – especially from flat surfaces. Allow air to ventilate, to avoid moisture and mould.

To clean the cover from dust and dirt, spray it with cold water (30°C) from a garden hose or wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in water. For heavily soiled areas, scrub with a sponge soaked in mild detergent and rinse with cold water.

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