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Shadowspec Unity™ – Multi Canopy Cantilever Umbrella

A New Class of Shade.

The Shadowspec Unity™ has been crafted with premium-grade aluminium and stainless steel to give you an umbrella that stands up and stands out. Every component has been designed and engineered to survive in the wild. There’s no internal moving parts, or cables to break and best of all, no antiquated crank handles. We’ve perfected the art of modular shade with the Unity™. You can mount up to 4 canopies off one mast giving your endless options to enhance your outdoor space. You’ll continue to be inspired by our smart, modern outdoor shade umbrella. Our needle-shifting features get better with every open and every new discovery of innovation.

Starting from $7,990 incl GST for the Shadowspec Unity™ Duo

Call us on 0800 800 279 to discuss your options


The main unique feature of the UNITY™ is its ability to mount up to four individual canopies off one mast.

Other key features are illustrated below and include the following:

  • Manufactured from marine-grade Powder-coated Aluminium, stainless Steel and other non-corrosive materials
  • Patented ‘One-movement’ Sliding system for opening and closing the Umbrella
  • Option of Octagon or Square Umbrellas
  • Provides cover for up to 38 m2
  • Utilises Gas-strut technology for ease of deployment
  • 2 year frame warranty, and 5 years on canvas
  • Wide range of standard colours

Gas-assisted, anti-gravity, easy lift. Shadowlift™ is the most advanced umbrella deployment system in the industry. Lift your world of shade with ease.

Using calculated geometry and expert engineering the sliding mechanism works in complete harmony to open or close your umbrella in 3 seconds.

Our flagship umbrellas have built in LED lights in the central hub. Controlled with an optional, rechargeable, smart battery and phone app.

Integrated into the mast of the umbrella, Shadowlock™ is a functional solution to wind-protection and 360 degree umbrella rotation.

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