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Fatboy Edison The Mini – Table Lights (Set of 3)


Edison the Mini, a set of three small table lamps for both inside and outside. With their warm, white LED light, these portable lamps create a warm and glowing atmosphere. Set the desired light intensity with the dimming function, and set the mood. A true power trio. At just 15 centimeters, Edison the Mini is the smallest member of the Edison family. Due to its compact size, you can place these mini table lamps anywhere you want, both indoors and outdoors. No worries if they get wet feet: these tough minis can easily handle some rain.

SKU: 103804
Material: Polypropylene
Dimmable: Dimmable
Watt: 1 W
Light color: 2200 K – 3000 K
Volt: 3.7 V
Light output (Lumens): 75
Battery type: LI-Polymer 1000 Mah.
Charging time (hours): ± 4
Burning hours (strongest light setting): ± 12
Burning hours (lowest light setting): ± 27
IP: IP44
Usage: Indoors and outdoors
Life span of lamp (hours): 50.000
Adapter included?: No
Type of connector: Magnetic pogo pin
Charging cable included?: Yes
Length of charging cable: 1.3 m
Recommended output adapter for charging: 5V – 2A

  • Size product (length x width x height)Ø 9,7 x 15 cm.
  • Weight3x 0,145 kg.
  • Height15 cm.
  • Packaging31 x 11 x 20 cm.
  • Product + packaging1.66 kg.

User information
This product comes with a charging cable, but without an adapter. The charging cable has an USB connection. Use a Fatboy adapter or connect the USB cable to your computer. Adapter max. 5 Volts 2 Amp. If you charge your product with an adapter that does not meet these conditions, this may affect the delivery time of the battery.

Cleaning instructions
Use a soft cloth, lukewarm water and liquid soft soap.

Please read the manual carefully, and always check to use a 5V 1.5A or 5V 2A to charge the lamps. Always use the original Fatboy USB cable. Don’t pull the red label. Switch on and off using the button underneath the lamp.

Use Edison the Mini outdoors whenever you feel like it, yet always charge and store the lamp indoors, as the USB charging cable is not IP44.

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